March 17, 2011

Electralloy today announced that it will increase prices on stainless grades and specialty and nickel alloy mill products.
Mill products include the forms of all remelted products, as well as billet, master alloy, and specialty nickel bar.  Prices for selected air melted and all remelted stainless grades will increase approximately 3-5%.  Those increases will be effective April 1, 2011 on new order placements for the companyís ìFIRMî Focus Bar Program and June 1, 2011 on shipments for the ìFLEXî Focus Bar Program.
No changes have been made to the companyís surcharge formula as Electralloy will continue to apply raw material surcharges on all stainless bar products.  It must be noted, the Electralloy surcharge formula does not include a nickel premium or an energy, columbium, manganese or copper surcharge.
All other stainless, specialty alloy and nickel alloy mill products will increase 2-4%, with new order placements effective April 1, 2011. These products will be priced as firm and fixed at time of order entry.
The price adjustments are necessary to recover non-surcharged raw material costs and manufacturing cost increases and to continue the companyís commitment to investing for the future of the business and to provide the highest quality product at the most competitive domestic price

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