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July 06, 2012

On June 2, 2012, the world's most advanced fast attack nuclear submarine, the USS Mississippi, was officially commissioned to the United States Navy in front of thousands of cheering spectators in Pascagoula, MS.

The Virginia-class sub is billed as the Navy's "next generation" of attack sub. Numerous components throughout this state-of-the art vessel were produced from specialty stainless, copper nickel and nickel alloys supplied by Electralloy and G.O. Carlson Plate.
Electralloy and G.O. Carlson Plate products are used in components in weapons, propulsion, sonar and cooling systems. The company supplies ingot, master alloy, billet and bar products to forgers, foundries and specialty metal distributors that are key suppliers to General Dynamicís Electric Boat and Newport News Shipyards, the builders of the Virginia-class submarines.
Representing Electralloy at the commissioning ceremony was Tom Atkinson, District Sales Manager and Vietnam veteran. ìWatching as the crew ran aboard the ship after receiving the traditional orders to "man the ship and make her come to life" was truly memorable,î said Atkinson.  ìIt was a very moving and proud moment knowing that we at Electralloy had a part in building this magnificent submarine.î
Construction on the USS Mississippi began in February 2007. The 377-foot-long, 7,800-ton submarine is the ninth in its class. The subís inherent stealth, endurance, firepower, and sensor suite allows it to carry out a variety of missions including anti-submarine, anti-surface ship, strike force, special operation forces, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, irregular warfare, and mine warfare missions. To view a construction video, click here.

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