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Accelerated pre-production, material requirements doubled. 

Electralloy joined a record 370 participants from 187 supply base companies at the 26th annual SIBC Suppliers Days event on Capitol Hill from February 28—March 1, 2017.  The event attendees received very positive news.

The key takeaways:

    • Pre-production is being accelerated.
    • Production/delivery schedule is going from two to three or four/annually.
    • Material and systems requirements expected to double.
    • Expectations on the Supplier Base to meet demands are high.
    • This is the top naval program priority.
    • President’s Budget 2018 will be released in May.
    • SIBC members are being recruited to support the surge.            

The uptick is being driven by expanded production.  Originally 15 subs were to be built from 20 but that number has been increased to 22 subs.

The Columbia-Class sub (formerly Ohio Class) will be part of this ramp up.   The Columbia-Class program passed its Milestone B decision review and moved into detail design.  At the beginning of January, former Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Frank Kendall signed the acquisition decision memorandum (ADM) and approved the program for Milestone B.   

These new subs will have 40 year reactors and electric drive.  At 560 ft. long and 43 ft. in diameter the Columbia–Class will be equipped with nuclear deterrents and stealth operation.  2021 is the initial start date of construction for the first Columbia Class boat. 

Representatives of the Navy, along with the two Prime (tier 1) Suppliers Electric Boat & New Port News hosted the event.  Nineteen members of congress spoke at the event and Key note presentations were made by EB- Blair Decker-VP Supply Chain and Navy-Admiral Goggins (select) Program Manager.

Blair Decker-VP Supply Chain reported ongoing efforts by the Supplier base has resulted in tremendous success for the Virginia Class Program.

Admiral Goggins reported on the current status of the Virginia Class Program, the upcoming milestone schedules for the Virginia payload module, and the 2021 delivery date for the first new Columbia Class.

The Electralloy executive team attending the event included Stelios Trikoulis, Northeastern US and Eastern Canada Sales Manager and Ed Horner, Distribution Product Manager.  While at the event the Electralloy team met with Congressman Glenn Thompson, Congressman Scot Perry, Congressman Charles Dent and Senator Pat Toomey to stress the importance of jobs and the effects of contract awards to Electralloy. 

 The SIBC program currently supports over 60,000 stable, good paying jobs across the United States manufacturing base, promotes the local economies, and prevents the loss of critical job skills. 

 Electralloy is a key supplier for critical high quality specialty alloys across many defense platforms.

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