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From a quick reference overview of product lines to detailed bulletins on individual grades to in-depth technical data on Nitronic® product forms and performance, Electralloy has assembled the information you need to make quick and informed product choices.

Covering both Electralloy and G.O. Carlson products, the literature package is available in PDF form for download on the Electralloy website.  Many of the pieces have updated data and specifications.  Material SDS sheets are also available. 


For personalized assistance you may also connect with the appropriate contact for your needs here or send a general inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view

Ingot • Billet • Bar • Master Alloy • Weld Wire • G.O. Carlson Plate

Austenitic Stainless • Nitronic® • Martensitic • PH • Duplex • Nickel • Copper Nickel