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The annual Electralloy and G.O. Carlson customer and supplier outing, which was held on August 14th, raised $5,600 to assist the Oil City Sheriff department in serving the community. 

This year’s event once again was filled with feisty but friendly competition as customers, vendors and friends took on the challenging 18 hole golf course at the Wanango Country Club and shot sporting clays at the Venango Conservatory.

As always the group came prepared give as well as compete.  All the raffle items for the fund raiser were donated and all of the proceeds from ticket sales—$5,600 this year—were earmarked for the Oil City Sheriff’s department.

“Our extended family of customers and suppliers always shine at this annual event,” said Electralloy President, Tracy Rudolph.  “This year we continued the tradition of generosity and we’re very pleased to be able to support the Oil City Sheriff with our donation for this year.  Electralloy is an integral part of this community and we’re proud to support our law enforcement in their service.”

The day’s competition ended with the following results:


  • Winning Team:  Gunard Travaglini, Dave Miller, Chip Clavier
  • Closest to the pin:  Dave Klapec
  • Longest Putt:  Dan Hamel
  • Longest Drive Womens:  Diane Fogle
  • Longest Drive Mens:  Ray Johns

Sporting Clays

  • Most Clays: Greg Lander 1st place, Bill McKissick 2nd place
  • Best Team: Alvin Proper, Dan McMahon, Bill McKissick

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