Employee SpotlightBuilding for the future! Here is another terrific Employee Spotlight on one of our young, up and coming managers on the production side of our organization. Ladies and gentlemen – Mr. Anthony McCoy!

Anthony has been with our company for two years and has risen to Manager of Remelt Operations. He moved to Oil City not knowing a soul, which is why the family-oriented attitude he first experienced at Electralloy was so important. Anthony went on to say that he wanted to find a company that knew him by name - not by a number on a badge. He also appreciates the, “we can do it, gutty mentality this organization displays when challenged with new opportunities and values the enormous amount of expertise from which to learn from within Electralloy.”

Type in his smartphone password (which is probably 19 digits long with every known character available), and you will find a picture of his two dogs, Abby and Mabel. Dig a little deeper and you will find a song list containing alternative, country, and rap. Bucket list? He absolutely has one; travel! Mr. McCoy would love to go on a safari, see the Northern Lights, skydive, backpack across Europe, and open up a dog shelter.

Lessons learned through baseball--Anthony played up and through college--being taught valuable lessons along the way, like how to fail and use that adversity to better himself for the next opportunity. All while practicing his personal motto… “just smile – it’s contagious”. He goes on to say that, “we may not be able to impact everyone we meet in our lifetime, but sometimes doing the little things like putting a smile on someone’s face every day can make a world of difference.”

Anthony is just one of many bright stars we have on the rise at Electralloy. We would all like to thank him for his dedication, risk taking ability, and all he does to contribute to our organization.  

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