September 12, 2011

Whether it is in a power plant, a nuclear submarine, a fighter jet, an offshore drill rig, or a dozen other critical applications, there simply is no room for error for the specialty alloy components that must function in these environments.

According to a new promotional video recently released by Electralloy, the leading supplier of specialty alloys, when it comes to producing components that have no room for error, there is no better choice than Electralloy specialty alloys and G.O. Carlson plate products.

The video is a dynamic presentation that makes the point that in critical applications, the metalóspecifically Electralloy metalócan make the difference.

The video takes the viewer through the Electralloy production process, from raw materials to finished product, with a distinct emphasis on the degree of quality and reliability built into every Electralloy product.  As the video emphasizes, Electralloyís products are made to remarkable quality standards that ensure safety, provide new performance levels and even protect lives.

Two versions of the video were developedóa 9 minute version to provide more in depth information and detail and a 3 minute version that provides a fast paced, music video style overview.

The videos were first presented in mid-August to all Electralloy/G.O. Carlson employees and are now available on the Electralloy website.  To see the Electralloy video click here:  Electralloy Video: ìNo Room for Errorî.

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