GOC Property Holdings LLC is a state-of-the-art heat treat and sawing facility serving Electralloy and other customers. Access to the 29,000 square foot facility provides Electralloy with more predictable control of product quality, delivery and cost. The plant is located in Rouseville PA, just minutes from Electralloy.

The operations include two high efficiency heat treat furnaces with quench tanks, a low temperature furnace, a plate sawing station and a large indoor and outdoor storage facility. Two 30-ton remote control cranes do the heavy lifting.

Quality certifications

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Ingot • Billet • Bar • Master Alloy • Weld Wire • G.O. Carlson Plate

Austenitic Stainless • Nitronic® • Martensitic • PH • Duplex • Nickel • Copper Nickel