May 16, 2011

G.O. Carlson, Inc. a world leader in providing high-performance corrosion- and heat-resistant materials, is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.

The company marked the milestone with a special event held at the Cross Creek Resort and Country Club on Saturday May 7, 2011.   The event was attended by over 220 people, including retirees and current employees from both G.O. Carlson, Inc. and Electralloy as well as many membersof the Travaglini family.  The celebration included dinner, a comedian and commemorative mementos for all attendees. As part of the event Gunard and Fred Travaglini shared their thoughts and feelings on the achievement of 75 years and how pleased their grandfather, Gunard Oscar Carlson would have been.

ìWeíre extremely proud of our heritage and excited about the companyís future,î said  
Gunard, ìFrom day one,
G.O.Carlson, Inc. had a unique culture of integrity, honesty and honor in terms of how employees as well as customers are treated. Those principles continue to guide us today in this customer-driven era where excellence, innovation, and customer support are paramount.î

G.O. Carlson, Inc. has a rich heritage dating to 1936, when founder Gunard Carlson saw an opportunity to fill the need for custom made sizes and special grades of stainless steel for the chemical industry. The fledgling specialty steel company had found a niche in the steel business. Business was good; orders increased far beyond expectation.
In the modern era, G.O. Carlson, Inc. earned a reputation for being a pioneer in developing methods for forming, cutting, and processing stainless steel plates.  In 1973, G. O. Carlson, Inc. was selected as the top Small Business Supplier of the Year by the Boeing Company.
In 1991, G. O. Carlson, Inc. purchased Electralloy, a world-renowned custom melter of specialty and stainless steel alloys that are produced into ingots, billets, bars, pigs and weld wire.
Today, G.O. Carlson, Inc. remains a family owned corporation controlled by descendants of the founders and the company, created by the enterprising Gunard O. Carlson continues to flourish.
An excellent accounting of the G.O. Carlson Inc. story titled ììFrom an Apple Orchard to Super Alloysî can be viewed here.   

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