February 07, 2011

G.O. Carlson, a world leader in providing high-performance corrosion and heat-resistant materials, has updated its package of product sheets that detail the companyís full line of specialty plate and plate products.  Available in electronic format, each sheet provides a product overview, details on physical properties and chemical composition, application information and processing details.
The sheets may be viewed and downloaded at: http://www.electralloy.com/index2.php?page=datasheets
G.O. Carlson, renowned for its ability to fulfill the needs of specialty plate users, is capable of rough and finished machining, plasma arc cutting, water jet cutting, shearing, grinding and flattening. G.O. Carlson can answer virtually any request for specialty plate and plate products:
Stainless steel, nickel alloys, copper-nickel, and other specialty grades
Thicknesses from 3/16" through 10"
Up to 127" wide and in lengths to 480" and longer
Vacuum Arc and Electroslag Remelting provide ultra clean, exceptionally strong slabs or plates
Large plates to minimize costly weld seams

Ingot • Billet • Bar • Master Alloy • Weld Wire • G.O. Carlson Plate

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