June 03, 2013

Electralloy was named a Gold Anvil partner by the Forging Industry Education & Research Foundation (FIERF) in recognition of the companyís ongoing support of the forging industry.

The Gold Anvil designation puts Electralloy in good company as a member of the Foundationís celebrated Anvil Society.  The Gold Anvil recognizes those supporters who have made exemplary contributions to foster forging industry education and research.

FIERF provides funding for university research, industry collaborative programs, scholarships, and educational opportunities to encourage studies and research in forging technologies.  To continue and grow these programs, the Foundation asks companies and individuals within the industry to pledge their support.

Electralloy President, Tracy Rudolph stated, ìWe are tremendously proud to support the programs fostered by the Foundation.  These efforts provide a path of opportunity for future engineers which, ultimately, helps create a brighter future for the forging industry.  Itís a win-win scenario for everyone.

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