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Sock itDuring the month of March, 2021, Electralloy, G.O. Carlson Inc. and GOC Property Holdings employees "socked it to 'em" by joining with the United Way of Venango County in their annual School Closet Sock Drive. This program gathers new socks and undergarments for boys and girls of all ages, then distributes items to all area schools for children in need.

Employees from Electralloy, G.O. Carlson Inc. and GOC Property Holdings donated items or gave cash in support of this program.

“Our employees were able to proudly donate more than two full totes of clothing—over $700 in merchandise—to this program”, said Duane Laskey, Manager Human Resources.

Electralloy employees Erin VanWormer and Amanda Stover spearheaded the purchase of the items with the cash that was raised.  


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